The Muppet Central Awards has been a tradition on the forum since 2005. 

General HistoryEdit


Award categories would be determined then members would be nominated for each category. Members would then vote for who they wanted to win. When the Awards first began, a thread would be created detailing the categories and then members would have the chance to to vote for the winners in that thread. This meant that members got to see the votes of others. As time went on, this would change and an E-Mail address would be created for people to send in their ballots. This would also pose a problem because members would send in incomplete ballots, making it difficult for the host to tally the votes.

Due to tension and lack of interest, the Awards were cancelled in 2012. It is unknown if they will make a return.

The CeremonyEdit

Through the years, seven different award ceremonies where held. Each one, with the exception of the first, would have their own thread on the forum. Every ceremony would have a different host and, for most of the "shows," the host would use several different Sesame Street Muppets, Classic Muppets, and Fraggles to help present the awards. The awards would be presented spanning across several posts and could last several days depending on who was hosting.

During the Fourth Semi- Annual Official Muppet Central Forums Awards, there were awards that were drawn up by a member of the forums. This tradition would continue off and on throughout the remainder of the ceremonies.